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  • Introduction
  • Effects of Varying Rates and Pool Sizes - A Sample Program
  • Consideration of Multiple Compartments
  • Consideration of Cycles - The GS/GOGAT Cycle
  • Compounds Receiving Several 13C Atoms from 13CO2
  • Isotopomers of the Citric Acid Cycle Supplied with 3-13C-Pyruvate
  • Modeling Radioactive Precursor Uptake Kinetics
  • Simulation of The Pathway of DMSP Biosynthesis in Enteromorpha intestinalis
  • Simulation of The Pathway of Synthesis of DMSP in Spartina alterniflora
  • Making Rates Linearly or Hyperbolically Responsive to Pool Size Changes
  • Metabolic Engineering of Glycine Betaine Synthesis - Metabolism of 14C-Choline in Transgenic Tobacco Expressing Choline Monooxygenase in the Chloroplast
  • Considering Feedback Inhibition
  • Modeling Allosteric Behavior - Cooperative Substrate Binding
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  • Computer Simulation of Metabolism


    The following articles have used the computer simulation tools described here:

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    For additional references on computer simulation, labeling, metabolic engineering, modeling, metabolic flux analysis, and allied topics, please see:

    HORT640 - Metabolic Plant Physiology - References

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