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  • Consideration of Cycles - The GS/GOGAT Cycle
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  • Isotopomers of the Citric Acid Cycle Supplied with 3-13C-Pyruvate
  • Modeling Radioactive Precursor Uptake Kinetics
  • Simulation of The Pathway of DMSP Biosynthesis in Enteromorpha intestinalis
  • Simulation of The Pathway of Synthesis of DMSP in Spartina alterniflora
  • Making Rates Linearly or Hyperbolically Responsive to Pool Size Changes
  • Metabolic Engineering of Glycine Betaine Synthesis - Metabolism of 14C-Choline in Transgenic Tobacco Expressing Choline Monooxygenase in the Chloroplast
  • Considering Feedback Inhibition
  • Modeling Allosteric Behavior - Cooperative Substrate Binding
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  • Computer Simulation of Metabolism

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    The technology to genetically engineer specific steps in metabolism has advanced rapidly during the last decade. The advent of "metabolic engineering" to create transgenic organisms with altered metabolism requires that technologies also be developed to evaluate the metabolic fluxes that occur within these transgenic organisms relative to wild-type. Stable isotope and radioisotope tracer methods for monitoring the labeling kinetics of intermediates in metabolic pathways are well established tools that can be readily applied to these problems. However, the utility of these isotopic tracer methods is greatly enhanced when the resulting isotopic kinetic data is analyzed quantitatively with computer models. This site describes some simple computer routines that can be used to interpret stable isotope and radioisotope tracer kinetics in terms of metabolic fluxes and compartmentation of pools.

    Computer simulation of 14C-choline metabolism in transgenic tobacco expressing CMO; McNeil, S.D., Rhodes, D., Russell, B.L., Nuccio, M.L., Shachar-Hill, Y., Hanson, A.D. 2000. Metabolic modeling identifies key constraints on an engineered glycine betaine synthesis pathway in tobacco. Plant Physiology 124: 153-162.

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