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Join Rosie Lerner, Consumer Horticulturist and past Master Gardener State Coordinator and Horticulture Professor Mike Dana on an 13-day garden history study tour of Northern England and Wales

In England the gardens we'll explore include:

Chatsworth, with its Brownian vistas, Italian Water, famous rockery and the glasshouse heritage of Joseph Paxton (website)

Castle Howard, connecting late 17th C. English Baroque to the 18th C. Augustan & Serpentine periods (website)

York Gate Garden, charming, intimate and contemporary (website)

Biddulph Grange, known for its 19th C. Victorian eclectic charm (website)

Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle, an authetic re-creation of Dudley's 1575 garden created especially for the Queen (website)

. . . . . . . and several more.

And in Wales we'll visit:

Bodnant Garden, plant-rich with a wonderful combination of natural beauty and formal charm (website)

Powis Castle and we'll learn of the garden's storied history over the centuries. (website)

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