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Mission Statement

  1. The Hoosier Botanicals purpose is to increase sales of culinary, aromatic, medicinal, companion and decorative herb cultivars grown by a network of small-scale growers in Indiana.

  2. The Hoosier Botanicals Growers network facilitates communication and cooperation between Indiana herb growers.

  3. The Hoosier Botanicals newsletter helps to distribute information to members. Seeking information from members and individuals interested about herbs and their use. Cooperate with Institutions and Herb Societies to further the interest of herbs.

  4. Pursue information on culinary, aromatic, medicinal and decorative herbs and their use. Provide information to the consuming public to further the enjoyment of herbs.

  5. Coordinate activities that will provide sales opportunities like garden oriented shows, The State fair and special events like festivals. We can encourage cooperation between members, growers to produce plants and products for these events. Schedule members to participate in the events.

  6. Provide opportunities to members who are not pursuing plant production.

  7. Encourage research and the pursuit of knowledge relating to product development, processing, and recipe development for cooking and garden use.

  8. Gather information concerning medical uses of herbs and the safe use of medical herbs to distribute to the herb consumer.

  9. Provide assistance with the processing of herbs. Drying and other forms of preservation that would lead to product development.

  10. Work with the state on rules and regulations that affect the production of plants and products.

  11. Create practical standards for Hoosier Botanicals to provide uniformity for plant producing members and any products or services using the name and logo


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List of Participants

This program is supported cooperatively by the
Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of Indiana
Value Added Program
Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products
Indiana Cooperative Extension Service
"Ways to Grow" Program.

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