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hoosier botanicals, herbs for health and delight

Herbs for Health & DelightTM 6 Pacs

Herbs are easy to grow, add zest and delight to your food, provide a source of health for your body, and are beautiful and exotic in your garden. They have a long history in many civilizations and remain as important today as ever. They are "silent partners" to cooks everywhere.

We have assembled an array of popular and exotic herbs, based upon their many uses, for your delight in a convenient 6 Pac form. Each Pac contains assorted herbs ready for transplanting into your garden or containers. Each variety was selected by Herb Authorities. Plants were then carefully grown by Hoosier Herb Growers without the use of synthetic pesticides, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

FlavorPacTM: A collection of edible, flavorful, aromatic herbs for those seeking an adventurous culinary experience.


HealthPacTM: An assortment of popular yet hard to find herbs used to promote health.

PestoPacTM: An array of basils for lovers of Italian cuisine.

TeaPacTM: Herbs for brewing delightful, invigorating, natural teas, non-caffeinated of course; can be sipped hot or cold.