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Amaranth, Chinese

Hon-toi-moi, Tampala, Chinese spinach

Amaranthaceae Amaranthus tricolor L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Several species of Amaranthus are cultivated in Southwest Asia and to a limited extent by Chinese gardeners in the U.S. Plants are annuals, grown from seed, and leaves and young stems are used as pot herbs. Mature plants are 1 to 3 feet tall, with leaves 6 inches long. For use as pot herbs, young plants may be pulled at 3 to 4 weeks; or the tops may be cut off at that stage, and a second crop will be produced from lateral growth. Plant growth and parts used are similar to spinach.

Season, seeding to harvest: 3 to 6 weeks. A second crop may be reduced.

Production in U.S.: No data. Mainly by Oriental gardeners for Chinese users.

Use: Cooked as a pot herb.

Part of plant consumed: Young stems and leaves.

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