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Succory, Witloof, French endive, Italian dandelion, Achicoria, Belgium endive

Compositae Cichorium intybus L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Chicory produces a large, tapered root, and both leaves and roots are utilized. Asparagus or Catalogue chicory is grown for the tender leaves and flower shoots, and used as pot herbs or greens. Roots of chicory are dried, ground and used as a coffee substitute or supplement. Roots are also grown during the summer, dug and buried upright in damp sand or other material for forcing in winter under moderate heat. This produces the witloof, or French endive, used as a salad. In general growth characteristics, chicory is very similar to carrots.

Season, seeding to harvest: For greens, 2 to 3 months. For roots for forcing, 6 months.

Production in the U.S.: About 300 acres for greens. No data for roots.

Use: Green tops are pot herbs. Roots as coffee supplement. Forced tops as salad.

Part of plant consumed: Green or forced tops, dried roots

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