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Common vetch


Leguminosae Vicia sativa L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

This vetch is less winter hardy than hairy. When fall seeded winter injury often occurs at temperatures below 100 F. The plants are sparingly pubescent with procumbent stems up to 3 or more feet. Leaves consist of up to 7 pairs of elliptic or oblong leaflets. Common vetch is sown both as a soil improvement crop and for hay. For hay or seed production it is usually planted with a grain crop, as oats or wheat, to support the vetch plants. Seeding is in the fall in mild climates, in spring in cold areas. Common vetch produces a palatable bay, especially for cattle. Good winter and spring grazing is provided in mild climates. Williamette, Warrior and Doark are important varieties of common vetch.

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