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Corn Salad

Lambs lettuce, Fetticus

Valerianaceae Valerianella olitoria (L.) Pohl

Italian Corn Salad

V. eriocarpa Desv.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Corn salad is extensively grown in Europe as a salad vegetable, but little grown in the U.S. The plant is a biennial, forming a rosette of leaves the first year, and a seed stalk the second. Leaves are spoon shaped to round, up to 6 inches long. Exposure of leaves is comparable to that of spinach. Leaves are used both as raw salad and as pot herbs.

Italian corn salad is similar in growth and use. Leaves are slightly smaller, somewhat pubescent and toothed near the base. The plant is more southern in adaptation than corn salad.

Season, seeding to usable leaves: 2 to 3 months.

Production in U.S.: No data. Very limited.

Use: Salad, pot herb.

Part of plant consumed: Leaves.

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