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or Trailing blackberry


Rubus spp.,Rubus hybrids

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Dewberries are similar to blackberries, which see, in most respects. Canes are slender and trailing, and generally are less thorny than blackberries. Some kinds, as loganberry, apparently have some raspberry in their ancestry. Fruits and fruiting habit are similar to blackberry. Fruits generally are cylindrical in shape, 0.5 inch in diameter and 1 to 1.5 inches in length. Leading varieties are Boysenberry, Loganberry, Olallie, Lucretia, Bingleberry, Mammoth Blackberry, Cory, Lowberry, Phenomenal berry, Rossberry, Lavaca, Nectar, and Youngberry.

Season, bloom to maturity: 50 to 70 days.

Production in U.S.: Commercially about 25,000 tons, combined with blackberries. Possibly half of this is dewberries.

Use: Fresh, frozen, canned, preserved, juice, wine.

Part consumed: Whole fruit fresh, frozen or canned. Juice only for wine, juice, jelly.

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