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Peppers, Bell Type


Solanaceae Capsicum annuum L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

These are the peppers generally marketed as "green" peppers, although many kinds become red when ripe. Fruits are large, thick walled and nonpungent. Largest varieties have fruits tip to 4 niches long by 3-3.5 inches broad, but more generally a little smaller. Skin is smooth, but fruits are lobed and depressed at both stem and styler ends. Shape varies from conic to near rectangular. This group comprises most of the peppers sold fresh in the U.S.

Season, field setting to first harvest: 2.5 months.

Production in U. S.: 200,000 tons.

Use: Fresh market, for cooking and in salads.

Part of fruit consumed: Walls, including peel, after seeds and placents are removed.

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