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Persian clover

Leguminosae, Fabaceae Trifolium resupinatum L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Persian clover is native to Asia Minor and is widely used in Eastern Mediterranean countries and India as a winter annual. It was found in Louisiana in 1928 and is now established - either through planting or natural reseeding - from Texas eastward to the Atlantic. It is adapted to heav y, moist soils but is not tolerant to low winter temperatures. Under cultivation it is seeded in the fall and grows rapidly during late winter and early spring. Stems are soft and hollow, reaching to 3 feet under the best growing conditions. Seed pods are inflated and light in weight, subject to distribution by wind or floating oii water. Natural reseeding occurs generally. Although used mainly for grazing, Persian clover is also excellent for silage and hay.

Last update Ocober 27, 1997