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Rough pea, Winter pea

Singletary pea, Wild winter pea

Leguminosae, Fabaceae Lathyrus hirsutus L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

This plant, native to the Mediterranean region, is a winter annual adapted to the southern third of the United States. The stems are weak and trailing except in dense stands. The leaves have one pair of long, narrow leaflets and terminate in a coiled tendril. The seed pods are rough and hairy. Seeds are usually sown in the fall. Plantings are used for pasture, for hay, or for turning under for soil improvement. Livestock may be injured from grazing plants with mature seeds or feeding hay from such plants, but prior to seed ripening good pasturage and hay are produced. Growing of rough pea has declined greatly in recent years as Austrian winter peas and hairy vetch make more growth. Acreage harvested for seed was 34,631 in 1949 and only 8,109 in 1959, according to census figures.
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