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Sorghum spp.

Gramineae, Poaceae

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Sorghums are grown for four principal uses: grain, forage, syrup or sugar, and industrial use of the stems and fibers. The plants are tall annuals or perennials with flat leaf blades. The grain sorghums are listed under grain crops, and syrup or sugar sorghums under sugar crops.

Industrial sorghums include broom corn, S. dochna var. technicum (Koem.) Snowden, the tough stems and panicles of which are used for brooms. These classes are not distinct, except industrial sorghum. Thus both grain and sugar sorghums may be used for pasturage or hay. Sorghum spp. grown primarily for pasture, silage or hay are listed as follows.

Sorghums, Forage
Sorghum almum
Chicken corn