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Mother-of-thyme, Tomillo, Creeping thyme

Labiatae, Lamiaceae Thymus serpyllum L.; T. vulgaris L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Two species of Thymus are grown under the general name Thyme. Common thyme is T. vulgaris, a sub-shrub up to 6 inches high with stiff branches, linear or lanceolate leaves. T. serpyllum is Mother-of-thyme, or Creeping Thyme, and has prostrate, creeping stems with ascending shoots, elliptic to oblong leaves, 0.5 inch long. Leaves of both kinds are used for seasoning soups, stews, meats, etc. They may be used either fresh or dried. Culture is similar to that of mint, to which thyme is related. Oil distilled from the plants is used in perfume.

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