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Citrus hybrids

Tangors, Citranges, Citrangequats, Citrangedins, Limequats

Rutaceae Citrus sp.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

A number of citrus hybrids, in addition to tangelos listed separately, have been developed by breeding. These include (1) Tangors are Mandarin orange x sweet orange, and are generally intermediate in characteristics. Several varieties are grown to a limited extent. Temple, generally listed as a sweet orange, is probably of such parentage. (2) The citranges are crosses of trifoliate orange and sweet orange. Several varieties are in cultivation to a limited extent. The juice is tart, and makes an acceptable ade drink. Trees are hardier than lemons or limes. Fruit 2 1/2 inches -up in diameter, rather thin skinned. (3) Citrangequats are crosses of citranges and kumquats. Trees are relatively hardy. Fruits useful for ade drinks and marmalade. (4) Citrangedins are hybrids of citrange and calamondin. The one named variety is hardy, and suitable for ade and culinary use. (5) Limequats are crosses of lime and kumquat, and resemble limes except they are much hardier.

None of the above hybrids, except tangors, are in commerce, but are useful for home gardens in areas too cold for other citrus. Citranges are important as rootstocks for other kinds of citrus.

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