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Natal plum

Apocynaceae Carissa grandiflora (E. Mey.) A.DC.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

The tree of natal plum is small, up to about 15 feet, native to Africa. Branches are heavily thorned. Leaves are glossy-green and thick. Fruits are ovoid to elliptical, up to 2 inches long. The skin is thin and papery, enclosing a reddish pulp in which several seeds are imbedded. Pulp is quite tart, but makes a sauce resembling cranberry. The main ripening season is midsummer, following spring bloom; but some fruits may ripen throughout the year. The plant can be grown as a trimmed hedge. It is tolerant to salt water spray. While not grown commercially, it is found in home plantings in Florida.