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Famine Foods
Compiled by Robert Freedman


Bassia latifolia, Roxb. India: sun-dried fruits and flowers eaten. (Madras Presidency): as for Bassia longifolia (q.v.) Vernacular names - Tamil: Caat elloopei. Telugu: Ippe. [mahua (?)]. Ref. GAMMIE, SHORTT, WATT.

Bassia longifolia, L. India (Bombay Presidency): flowers and fruit eaten. (Madras Presidency): the deciduous, fleshy corolla is eaten raw or roasted. Ripe fruit eaten. A bland [sic] cooking oil is extractred from the seeds. Vernacular names - Tamil: Elloopei. Telugu: Ippa. Ref. GAMMIE, SHORTT, WATT.

Butyrospermum paradoxicum ssp. parkii (G. Don.) Hepper. Nigeria (Kano State, northern): fruit, flowers and seed oil eaten. Verncular name - Hausa: K'danya. Ref. MORTIMORE.

Madhuca indica, J.F. Gmel. India (Rajasthan, western ): ripe fruit eaten; also fleshy corolla of flower eaten raw or roasted. Juice of the corolla used for making a beverage. Ref. GUPTA & KANODIA.

Manilkara mochisia (Bak.) Dubard. Tanzania (Ngindoland): ripe fruit eaten. Vernacular name - Ngindo: Ngambo. Ref. CROSS- UPCOTT.

Mimusops Elengi, Wight. in Wall. India (Madras Presidency): ripe fruit eaten. Vernacular names - Tamil: Moghadum. Telugu: Poghada. Ref. SHORTT, WATT.

Mimusops hexandra, Bout. ex Boj.; Roxb.; Wall. India (Deccan): fruit eaten. Ref. WATT.

Pouteria hypoglauca (Standley) Baehni. Yucatan: fruit used as a famine food by Huastec Maya. It is said that if eaten in quantity stomach cramps and constipation result. Vernacular name - Teenek: Thokob ['densely leafy,' 'adornment']. Ref. ALCORN.

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