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Famine Foods
Compiled by Robert Freedman


The Grape family

Ampelocissus africanus (Lour.) Merr. Nigeria (Kano State, northern): fruit eaten. Vernacular name - Hausa: Rogon daji, Ianbi. Ref. MORTIMORE.

Ampelopsis heterophylla, Sieb. & Zucc. China: leaves boiled and then eaten with oil and salt. Vernacular name: Ampelopsis. Ref. READ.

Cissus gracilis, Stend. Sénégal/Guinea: the boiled leaves can be eaten with the tubercules of Amorphophallus (species not identified) in winter and in case of famine. Vernacular names - Bassari: e-Suhp. Bedik: e-Tuhp. Ref. FERRY et al.

Cissus integrifolia, (Bak.) Planch. Tanzania (Ngindoland): the stems, cut at any season, exude a clear sap which is drunk and reported to be thirst-quenching and tasteless. The stems are very soft and can be sliced into sections about two feet long. Several of these sections are held horizontally in a bundle and then tipped into the mouth or a container. Ref. CROSS-UPCOTT.

Cissus quadrangularis, L. (syn. Vitus quadrangularis, Wall.) India (Madras Presidency): leaves and young shoots eaten as greens. Vernacular names - Tamil: Purundei codie. Telugu: Nullerootigch. Ref. SHORTT.

Vitis quadrangularis, Wall. India (Deccan): leaves eaten. Ref. WATT.

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