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New Crops News, Spring 1994, vol. 4 no. 1

New Crops for the Heartland

The Indiana Center for New Crops and Plant Products held a meeting entitled "New Crops for the Heartland," on January 27 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with the Indiana Horticultural Congress. The program consisted of: Purdue's Center for New Crops and Plant Products (Jules Janick, Purdue University); Grower Opportunities in Herbs, Medicinals, and Specialty Vegetables (Jim Simon, Purdue University); Commercial Production of Ginseng and Goldenseal (Leonard Stoltz, Univ. of Kentucky); Brokering Medicinals (Steve Goodman, Loudsville, KY); Field Production of Flowers and Perennials (Bob Anderson, Univ. of Kentucky); Profitable Harvests from Windbreaks (Bruno Moser, Purdue University); Buying Botanicals from Local Growers: The Realities (Larry and Alan Brown, South Bend, IN); Grapes for Wine and Table (Bruce Bordelon, Purdue University); Commercial Nut Production: Chestnuts, Filberts, and Walnuts (Joe Lukasiewicz, Hastings, MI); Canola and New Oilseeds (Ellsworth Christmas, Purdue University); Growing Pearl Millet as a Second Crop (Steve Weller, Purdue University); Crayfish and Aquatics: Raising Fish for Profit (Paul Brown, Purdue University); and Planning for Success in New Crops (Glenn Sullivan, Purdue University).