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New Crops News, Spring 1994, vol. 4 no. 1

New Crops Center Hosts International Training Progam in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

An international training program involving intensive training in aromatic and medicinal plants was held August 2 to 14 at Purdue University, with two days at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Topics included botany, plant collection, germplasm maintenance, plant production, secondary product biochemistry, processing, quality control, new product development, and medicinal plant chemistry, extraction, and processing. Workshops and laboratories were led on hydroponics, tissue culture, plant breeding, herbarium mounting, and electronic literature searching. There were 23 participants representing Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, India, Madagascar, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the United States. Plans are underway to host this course every other year during the last two weeks of June. For information about the 1995 training program contact:

Jim Simon
Indiana Center for New Crops and Plant Products
Department of Horticuture
Purdue University
West Lafayette IN 47907-1165