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New Crops News, Spring 1995, vol. 5 no. 1

Announcing NewCROP

Gateway to the NewCROP Information System

The Center for New Crops and Plant Products is pleased to announce NewCROP (New Crops Resource Online Program), a sibling to our LISTSERV (see Newsletter vol. 4 no. 2). NewCROP is an electronic information system that provides an electronic window to new and specialty crops and coverage of activities in the Indiana Center for New Crops and Plant Products, which has sponsored this project.

NewCROP is composed of a large collection of computer files and databases that reside on a Macintosh computer in our Center. This computer is connected to the internet and acts as a network server by allowing up to six anonymous users from all over the world to connect simultaneously and read the information. The files on the server are formatted to conform with the format adapted by World Wide Web (WWW) browsers such as www, lynx, mosaic, and netscape. Check with your local computer wizard as to which browser will best suit your system. The most important feature of this WWW system is that you can be linked to other documents that are housed or reside in another server somewhere else on the internet. The connection is established when the user selects (typically by clicking the "mouse") highlighted words or pictures in the document.

The address of the welcome page of our server is

This Welcome page provide the entry or initial link to detailed information on new crops which resides on our server as well as links to other places of interest. In our NewCROP server, we maintain an updated description about new crops research, presentations, and papers submitted by our New Crop Center Staff and other new crop groups, and an electronic version of current and previous issues of this newsletter. Our main feature attraction is CropSEARCH (a search program for crops). Here, we generated an electronic database that contains hundreds of crops or `records' with basic information (description, usage, picture). With CropSEARCH, you can browse these records by crop name. Every single word in our crop database is indexed and with the help of a powerful search mechanism, the user can receive a list of all the documents that contain the key word(s) searched in a few seconds. By selecting for example a specific crop, the associated document is brought to your screen. Certain records in our database contain links to a NewCROP FactSHEET which, when available, provides even greater in-depth coverage. The NewCROP FactSHEETs include a list of germplasm, in addition to a wealth of information on botany, crop culture and the natural product(s) of commerce or interest. At present, there are ten FactSHEETs including basil and perilla, but over 50 more are being prepared and will be added as they are available.

NewCROP is still under construction. We welcome your comments and hope that you'll find NewCROP exciting, challenging and a rewarding experience. Take a few moments and browse through the system.

Jim Simon
Amots Hetzroni
Jules Janick
Center for New Crops & Plant Products
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA
Fax: 765-494-0391