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Texas CropMAP


Total population (1990 census): 6981
County seat: Jacksboro

Extension office


Cereals, Pseudocereals, Oilseeds
Industrial, Fiber
Small Fruits
Tree Fruits and Nuts
Herb, Aromatic, Medicinal, and Bioactive

Crop Statistics (1997 US Census of Agriculture)

Cereals Farms Acres Yield
Sorghum for Grain or Seed 3 D D
Wheat for Grain, Total 40 3053 76659 bu
Forages Farms Acres Yield
Total Hay* 251 10756 19263 tons, dry
Alfalfa Hay 5 D D
Small Grain Hay 47 1983 2501 tons, dry
Tame Hay 203 7859 15347 tons, dry
Wild Hay 16 759 1243 tons dry
Sorghum for Silage or Green Chop 3 D D
Fruits and Nuts Farms Acres Yield
Peaches 5 D D
Pecans 17 239 4461 in shell
Nursery and Greenhouse Crops, Cut Christmas Trees Harvested, Mushrooms, and Sod Grown for Sale Farms Sq. ft. under glass or other protection Acres in the open Sales ($1,000)
Nursery and Greenhouse Crops 3 D D D

*Alfalfa, grass silage, green chops etc.
D=Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual farms.