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Final Report

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Appendix A

Postharvest Reference Notebook Table of Contents

Appendix B

Indiana Horticultural Congress 2002
Indiana Horticultural Congress 2003

Appendix C

Au Naturel Farm Passive Solar Greenhouse Growing Workshop

Appendix D

Images of project cooperators and season extension greenhouses.

Blue Moon Farm
Jacob Fisher Farm
Hendrix Greenhouses
Hoyt Blackberry Farm
Prairie Stream Produce
Shatto’s Pumpkins and Poseys
Short’s Produce Gardens
Walton Creek Farms
Clarence Wullenweber
North Vernon Farmer’s Market
MCL Cafeteria Collaboration

Appendix E

Comparison of Hoop Houses with Other Season Extension Techniques

Appendix F

Checklist for Cold House Start-Up

Appendix G

Results from SEPAC Coldhouse Demonstration 2003

Appendix H

MCL Cafeteria Collaboration Handouts

Appendix I

Website Homepage

Appendix J

Booklets, Reprints and Homepages on Low-cost Season Extension Techniques for Horticultural Producers Table of Contents

Appendix K

Arugula Paper
Images of Arugula Trials and Selection Results