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Hendrix Greenhouses

Paris Crossing, Summer 2003

Jerry and Linda Hendrix are mainstays of the North Vernon Farmer’s Market. Project team arrives for a visit at the Hendrix farm.
Jerry and Linda have been successful producing hanging baskets and bedding plants. The flowers and transplants have been grown in heated plastic-covered houses.
The Hendrix have built three wood frame greenhouses and are now trying metal frames. Shade cloth is used to cover part of the second of the larger wooden houses.

Hendrix High Tunnel

Summer 2003

The plastic side vents of this wooden greenhouse are lowered with a hand crank. Jerry cranks down the side vent flap for cross ventilation at ground level.
Early staked tomatoes in new high tunnel will be ready for market 5 weeks early. A new high tunnel was constructed up the hill from the greenhouse complex.
David, Jules, and Bud discuss deer problems with the Hendrixes. Terraced planting beds fit the hilly terrain of Southern Jennings County.