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Butlerville, Winter, 2003

Initial plantings were made at SEPAC in mid October. Cold houses were placed over the planted beds. Both structures are filled with sequential plantings of cold hardy species. See appendix C for planting diagrams.
Maximum-minimum thermometer shows air temperature varied from 20°F to 60°F a day. Bud Beesley and Richard Adrian of JCGC on early morning inspection.
Mizuna, a favorite Asian green, on a frosty morning. No damage from frost occurred in this wind protected environment. Rows of mixed lettuce survived the coldest days of winter. Future commercial plantings will be will have closer spacing.


Summer 2003

The two mobile cold houses have been moved to their summer locations. Shade cloth will replace the plastic. The plastic on the ends has been removed to provide ventilation. Next season the design will be adjusted so the lower 3' of side plastic can be raised for better cross ventilation.

Note metal braced solid corners. Rows of cement blocks allow the frame to be slid from over a growing crop to the next location.

Black and silver plastic mulches are compared on a variety of crop species.