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Walton Creek Farms

Deputy, Summer 2003

Walton Creek has switched focus from tobacco to specializing in “gourmet microgreens.” The microgreens are processed in the headquarters building next to the pond.
Microgreens are grown on float tables with supplemental lights in winter and shade cloth in summer. Microgreens are produced in styrofoam flats filled with synthetic mix in a 7 day cycle.
Beet seedlings are among the over 30 microgreens in demand by gourmet chefs. The greens are harvested with scissors, washed and dried, and packed in plastic clamshells.
Denise and Dennis Dailey converted floating beds for tobacco transplants into a new enterprise. A converted washing machine is used for washing greens. Clamshells are packed and Fed Ex-ed across the country to chefs.
The day’s harvest is stored in refrigeration. Commercial style greenhouse produces transplants for their gardens and retail sale.
Transplants are moved by wagon from the commercial greenhouses. Newest hoophouse has side extensions to allow for field equipment and facilitate the raising of side plastic for cross ventilation.