History of Horticulture

Egypt Ancient Egypt

Figure 56.

Bandaging mummies. From a new Kingdom tomb at Thebes. The mummification process was a magico-religious act to prepare the body as a fit receptacle for the returning soul. Decomposition of the fleshy parts were first stopped. The process involved (1) removal of brain and abdominal and thoracic viscera, except heart and kidneys, (2) cleaning the viscera with palm-wine and spices, (3) filling the body-cavities with myrrh, cassia, and other aromatic substances, and sewing up the embalming incision (4) treating the body with natron (sodium carbonate) and washing it, and finally, (5) anointing it with cedar-oil and other ointments rubbing it with fragrant materials, and wrapping it in bandages. Source: Singer et al. 1954. A History of Technology Fig. 167.


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