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Apios americana Medik.


Bog potato, groundnut, Indian potato, potato bean, Virginia potato, wild bean, wild potato

We have information from several sources:

FactSHEET—contributed by: Berthal D. Reynolds

Domestication of Apios americana—B.D. Reynolds, W.J. Blackmon, E. Wickremesinhe, M.H. Wells, and R.J. Constantin

Protein Quality Evaluation of Apios amaericana Tubers (Abstract)—Holly E. Johnson, Maren Hegsted, and William J. Blackmon

Protein Quality in Apios americana Tubers and Seeds (Abstract)—P.W Wilson, F.J. Pichardo, W.J. Blackmon, and B.D. Reynolds

Compositional Changes in Apios americana Tubers During Storage (Abstract)—D.H. Picha, W.J. Blackmon, P.W. Wilson, L.P. Hanson, and B.D. Reynolds

Inoculation, Nitrogen, and Cultivar Effects on Nodulation and Tuber Yield of Apios americana (Abstract)—D.H. Putnam, L. Field, and G.H. Heichel

Evaluations of Preemergence Herbicides for Use in Apios americana (Abstract)—D. Wayne Wells and R.J. Constantin

Evaluating Apios americana as a Wetland Tuber Crop (Abstract)—Mary E. Musgrave, Alston G. Hopkins, Jr., and Wilham J. Blackmon

Handbook of Energy Crops—James A. Duke. 1983. unpublished.

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