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Artemisia annua L.

Asteraceae, or Compositae

annual wormwood, sweet annie, sweet wormwood, qinghao (Chinese)

NewCROP information sources for Artemisia annua L.

FactSHEET contributed by: Jorge Ferreira & Jules Janick

Artemisia annua L.: A Promising Aromatic and Medicinal—James E. Simon, Denys Charles, Ernst Cebert, Lois Grant, Jules Janick, and Anna Whipkey

Distribution of Artemisinin in Artemisia annua—Jorge F.S. Ferreira and Jules Janick

Effect of Water Stress and Post-harvest Handling on Artemisinin Content in the Leaves of Artemisia annua L.—Denys J. Charles, James E. Simon, Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, and Robin M. Smith

Outside links

The world of Artemisia in 44 questions

Cultivation and genetics of Artemisia annua for increased production of artemisinin

Artemisia, Agriculture and Malaria in Africa: The Interplay of Tradition, Science and Public Policy

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