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Brassica rapa
B. campestris L., and
B. napus L.

Brassicaceae, Cruciferae

Rapeseed, Canola (low erucic acid rapeseed)

NewCROP Links to other Brassica napus crop information (Rutabaga, Siberian Kale, etc.).
NewCROP has Rapeseed and Canola information at:

Canola: An Emerging Oilseed Crop—Paul L. Raymer

Phenology of Oilseed Crops for Bio-Diesel in the High Plains—Alexander D. Pavlista and David D. Baltensperger

Evaluaton of Canola Lines in the Utah Valley—Sergio Muñoz-Valenzuela and Andrew Easton

Utilizing Locally-produced Canola to Manufacture Biodiesel—Harbans L. Bhardwaj

Prospects of Canola as an Alternative Winter Crop in Virginia—David E. Starner, Anwar A. Hamama, and Harbans L. Bhardwaj

Performance of Canola in Southern Sonora, México—Sergio Muñoz-Valenzuela, Greg Buzza, and Roberto Avalos-Pérez

Canola: A Quality Brassica Oilseed—R.K. Downey

Potential of Canola Production in Ohio—Walter H. Schmidt

Canola Seed Yield in Relation to Harvest Methods—Casimir A. Jaworski and Sharad C. Phatak

Evaluation of Planting Date for Winter Canola Production in Indiana—Ellsworth P. Christmas

Potential of Canola as a Dryland Crop in Northeastern Colorado—David C. Nielsen

Canola Production in Virginia—David E. Starner, Harbans L. Bhardwaj, Anwar A. Hamama, and Muddappa Rangappa

High Performance 4-Cycle Lubricants From Canola—Duane L. Johnson

Canola-based Motor Oils—Duane L. Johnson, Blaine Rhodes, and Robert Allen

Evaluation of Salinity Tolerance of Canola Germination—Naveen Puppala, James L. Fowler, Linnette Poindexter, and Harbans L. Bhardwaj

Canola Oil Yield and Quality as Affected by Production Practices in Virginia—David E. Starner, Anwar A. Hamama, and Harbans L. Bhardwaj

Alternative Crops Research in Virginia—Harbans L. Bhardwaj, Andy Hankins, Tadesse Mebrahtu, Jimmy Mullins, Muddappa Rangappa, Ozzie Abaye, and Gregory E. Welbaum

Diversifying U.S. Crop Production—Jules Janick, Melvin G. Blase, Duane L. Johnson, Gary D. Jolliff, and Robert L. Myers

New Crops or New Uses for Old Crops: Where Should the Emphasis Be?—Shelby F. Thames and Thomas P. Schuman

Determining Amaranth and Canola Suitability in Missouri Through Geographic Information Systems Analysis—Robert L. Myers

Canola: Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconson Cooperative Extension Service, University of Minnesota Extension Service, Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products

New Crops for Canadian Agriculture—Ernest Small

Canola: A Potential New Crop for Indiana"Indiana canola crop resulted in the harvest of approximately 7,000 acres in early summer of 1991."

The 1990-91 Indiana Canola Update: —Elsworth Christmas

The 1991-92 Indiana Canola Update:"Late fall and winter weather conditions in Indiana proved to be disastrous for fall seeded crops, including alfalfa, canola, and wheat."

Potential of Winter and Spring Rapeseed Cultivars for Oilseed Production in the Southeastern United States—P.L. Raymer, D.G. Bullock, and D.L. Thomas

Rapeseed, a New Oilseed Crop for USA—Matti Sovero

Selecting Winter Hardy Oilseed Rape for the Great Plains—C.L. Rife and J.P. Salgado

Rapeseed Performance in West Tennessee (Abstract)—H.A. Fribourg, C.R. Graves, G.N. Rhodes, Jr., J.E. Bradley, and E.C. Bernard Gorczanski

Alternate Crops for Dryland Production Systems in Northern Idaho—Kenneth D. Kephart, Glen A. Murray, and Dick L. Auld

High Glucosinolate Rapeseed Meal as a Supplemental Protein Source in Finishing Cattle Diets (Abstract)—Jean Heidker and C.F. Klopfenstein

Influence of Irrigation Timing and Nitrogen on Growth, Yield, and Quality of Rape (Abstract)—Joseph G. Lauer

New Crops Research and Development: A Federal Perspective—L.H. Princen

New Crops In The UK: From Concept to Bottom Line Profits—Francis H. Nicholls

Engineering New Oilseed Crops from Rapeseed—H. Maelor Davies

Rapeseed Meal as a Natural Pesticide—Harbans L. Bhardwaj, Anwar A. Hamama, D. Morris Porter, and Paul F. Reese, Jr.

Bioassembly of Storage Lipids in Oilseed Crops—David C. Taylor, Ljerka Kunst, and Samuel L. MacKenzie

Handbook of Energy Crops—James A. Duke. 1983. unpublished.

Magness, J.R., G.M. Markle, C.C. Compton. 1971. Food and feed crops of the United States..
Rapeseed Oil
Napobrassica group
Pabularia group

And outside links to more canola info:

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The Facts About Canola by Canbra Foods Ltd.

Quality of Western Canadian Canola 1996 - Canadian Grain Comission

Canola Disease Index from Texas A & M.

Canola diseases (North Dakota)

Canola / Rape as Covercrops

Photographs from University of Minnesota Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products.

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