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Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz

Brassicaceae, or Cruciferae

Camelina, falseflax, linseed dodder, or gold of pleasure

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Camelina sativa, A Montana Omega-3 and Fuel Crop—Alice L. Pilgeram, David C. Sands, Darrin Boss, Nick Dale, David Wichman, Peggy Lamb, Chaofu Lu, Rick Barrows, Mathew Kirkpatrick, Brian Thompson, and Duane L. Johnson

Improvement of Camelina sativa, an Underexploited Oilseed—J.Vollmann, A. Damboeck, A. Eckl, H. Schrems, and P. Ruckenbauer

Camelina: A Promising Low-input Oilseed—D.H.Putnam, J.T. Budin, L.A. Field, and W.M. Breene

Preliminary Agronomic Evaluation of New Crops for North Dakota—Marisol T. Berti and A.A. Schneiter

Phenology of Oilseed Crops for Bio-Diesel in the High Plains—Alexander D. Pavlista and David D. Baltensperger

Photographs from University of Minnesota Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products.

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