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Durio zibethinus L.


Durian, Civet-cat fruit, Lahong, Tutong

Also: D. dulcis - Lahong, Tutong. From Kalimantan D. graveolens - Tabelak, Durian Mah. From Indonesia D. kutejensis - Lai. Southeast Asia D. species - Isu. From Kalimantan
We have information from:

Durian—Julia Morton, Fruits of warm climates

Durian—Magness, J.R., G.M. Markle, C.C. Compton. 1971. Food and feed crops of the United States.

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Postharvest information and storage requirements for Durian

"The best durian I think, comes from Sarawak, Malaysia [I am biased because I used to live there], where they are naturally grown. The cultivated varieties are not as tasty as the wild ones. A lot of people find the smell disgusting. A tourist brochure compared eating durian to 'eating custard in a dirty public lavatory'!

- Kron Aken from Australia

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