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Echinacea species



We have information from several sources:

A Review of the Taxonomy of the Genus Echinacea—Kathleen A. McKeown

Assembling and Characterizing a Comprehensive Echinacea Germplasm Collection—Mark P. Widrlechner and Kathleen A. McKeown

Echinacea angustifolia: An Emerging Medicinal—Ali O. Sari, Mario R. Morales and James E. Simon

Cichoric Acid and Isobutylamide Content in Echinacea purpurea as Influenced by Flower Developmental Stages—W. Letchamo, J. Livesey, T.J. Arnason, C. Bergeron, and V.S. Krutilina

Factors Affecting Echinacea Quality—W. Letchamo, L.V. Polydeonny, N.O. Gladisheva, T.J. Arnason, J. Livesey, and D.V.C. Awang

The Use of RAPDs for Assessment of Identity, Diversity, and Quality of Echinacea—J. Kapteyn and J.E. Simon

In Vitro Regeneration and Agrobacterium Transformation of Echinacea purpurea Leaf Explants—A. Koroch, J. Kapteyn, H.R. Juliani, and J.E. Simon

Immune Stimulants and Antiviral Botanicals: Echinacea and Ginseng—Dennis V.C. Awang

Phytomedicines as a New Crop Opportunity—Loren D. Israelsen

The Herb Hunters Guide—Sievers, A.F. 1930.

Outside links:

Overview of Echinacea Production in Manitoba—Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives

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