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Eruca sativa Miller

Brassicaceae = Cruciferae

Rocket, Roquette, Arrugula

We have information from several sources:

Arugula: A Promising Specialty Leaf Vegetable—Mario Morales and Jules Janick

Neglected Crops: 1492 from a Different Perspective—J.E. Hernándo Bermejo and J. León (eds.)

Evaluation of Tropical Leaf Vegetables in the Virgin Islands—Manuel C. Palada and Stafford M.A. Crossman

Food and feed crops of the United States—Magness, J.R., G.M. Markle, C.C. Compton. 1971.

Outside links:

Rocket: A Mediterranean Crop For The World from the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

Eruca sativa Miller: a diploid, annual, species which flowers in spring and whose seeds are ready for collecting in late spring. It seems to prefer rather rich soils even through it can be found mixed with ruderal flora in very marginal areas. It is frequently cultivated, although demestication cannot be considered complete. A wild type, known as subspecies vesicaria (L.) Cav., is also rather well represented in the Mediterranean flora.

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