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Fagopyrum esculentum Moench (syn. F. sagittatum Gilib.) Common Buckwheat

Fagopyrum tataricum Geartn. Tartary Buckwheat

Fagopyrum cymosum L. Perennial Buckwheat


Buckwheat, beech wheat, bochweit, boechweite, buckwheat grits, buckwheat groats, Japanese buckwheat, kasha, Silverhull, Tartary

NewCROP has buckwheat information at:

Buckwheat: Pseudocereal and Nutraceutical—Steven Edwardson

Storage, Processing, and Quality Aspects of Buckwheat Seed.—Giuseppe (Joe) Mazza

Structure and Chemical Composition of Developing Buckwheat Seed. —Obendorf, R.L., M. Horbowicz, and D.P. Taylor

Alternate Crops for Dryland Production Systems in Northern Idaho—Kenneth D. Kephart, Glen A. Murray, and Dick L. Auld

New Crops for Canadian Agriculture—Ernest Small

Buckwheat—Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconson Cooperative Extension Service, University of Minnesota Extension Service, Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products

Buckwheat —from Magness J.R. et al. 1971. Food and Feed Crops of the United States.

Buckwheat Leaves Eaten as a Famine Food

And outside links to more buckwheat info:

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Buckwheat Genetic Resources in the Himalayas: Their Diversity, Conservation and Use

Buckwheat: A Multi-Purpose, Short-Season Alternative—University of Missouri Agricultural publication G4290

Buckwheat—by Clayton G. Campbell from the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

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