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Musa × paridasiaca L. , Musa acuminata Colla.


Apple banana, banana, Bluefield, Brazilian banana, Cavendish, dwarf banana, finger banana, Gros Michel, Jamaica, manzano, Martinique, pisong jacki, plantain, red banana, Saba, Silk Fig

NewCROP has Banana information at:

Banana—Julia Morton, Fruits of warm climates

Magness—J.R. et al. 1971. Food and feed crops of the United States.

And outside links to more banana info:

BANANA "FRUIT FACTS"—(Fruit Facts are a series of publications of the the California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. that contain information on individual fruits, including botanical identification, description and culture notes based on California research, and characteristics of cultivars)

Banana Crop Information—from University of California Davis

Banana, Plantain (Musa spp.)—from Mark Reiger of University of Georgia.

Publications on the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute Web Site

Cytogenetics of the genus Musa—by K. Sheperd

Evaluation of Musa Germplasm resistance to Sigatoka diseases and Fusarium wilt.—by B. Orjeda

Routine Post-harvest Screening of Banana/Plantain Hybrids: Criteria and Methods—by D.K. Dadzie, J.E. Orchard

Screening of Musa Germplasm for Resistance and Tolerance to Nematodes—by P.R. Speijer, D. De Waele

Musa spp. (2nd edition)—by M. Diekmann, C.A.J. Putter (eds.). FAO/IPGRI Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Germplasm

Descriptors for Banana (Musa spp.)

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