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Podophyllum peltatum L.


American mayapple

We have information from several sources:

The American Mayapple and its Potential for Podophyllotoxin Production —Rita M. Moraes, Hemant Lata, Ebru Bedir, Muhammad Maqbool, and Kent Cushman

Propagule Type and Planting Time for Field-established Mayapple—Muhammad Maqbool, Kent E. Cushman, and Rita M. Moraes

Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Podophyllum peltatum by Molecular Markers—Hemant Lata, Rita M. Moraes, Andrew Douglas, and Brian E. Scheffler

Bioprospecting for Podophyllotoxin—Ebru Bedir, Ikhlas Khan, Rita M. Moraes

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