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Stokesia laevis Hill (Greene)

Asteraceae, or Compositae

Stokes' Aster

NewCROP has Stokesia information at:

Intercropping Stokes Aster: Seedling Growth under a Soybean Canopy—E.J. Callan and C.W. Kennedy

Stokes' Aster In: New Temperate Oilseed Crops. From Steve Knapp, 1990.

See: Stoke's Aster In: New Crops Research and Development: A Federal Perspective. Princen, L.H. 1990.

Photo of Stokes' Aster Dried Seed Head In: New Crops Research: Northeastern Region and National Federal Efforts. White, G.A. 1993.

New Crops in the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System—Henry L. Shands and George A. White

Cropping Systems for Stokes Aster—Elizabeth J. Callan and Charles W. Kennedy

And outside links to more Stokesia laevis info:

PICTURE OF STOKES ASTER FLOWER from the University of Kentucky