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Triticosecale species

Poaceae or Graminae


NewCROP has WHEAT information at:

Triticale: Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconson Cooperative Extension Service, University of Minnesota Extension Service, Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products

Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale—G.F. Stallknecht, K.M. Gilbertson, and J.E. Ranney

New Grains and Pseudograins—Duane L. Johnson

Potential of Annual Cereal Crops to Serve as Fuel Ethanol Feedstock and Livestock Feed—Chengci Chen, Ratna Sharma-Shivappa, Ye Chen, Dave Wichman, and Duane Johnson

New Crops and the International Agricultural Research Centers—Robert B. Bertram

Wheat, durum wheat, winter wheat, spelt and triticale in New Crops for Canadian Agriculture—Ernest Small