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Triticum species

Poaceae or Graminae

Alaska wheat, bearded wheat, bread wheat, bulgur, common wheat, cone wheat, cracked wheat, durum wheat, emmer, English wheat, farina, German wheat, hard wheat, macaroni wheat, Mediterranean wheat, non-bearded wheat, Poulard wheat, red wheat, rice wheat, river wheat, rivet wheat, rolled wheat, soft wheat, spring wheat, starch wheat, two-grained spelt, two-grained wheat, wheat flakes, white wheat, wild emmer wheat, wild wheat, winter wheat

Common Wheat, Triticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum.
Club Wheat, T. aestivum subspecies compactum (Host)MacKey.
Durum wheat, T. durum Desf.
Spelt, T. spelta L.
Emmer, T. dicoccon Schrank.
Wild Emmer, T. dicoccoides (Koern. ex Ascb. & Graebn.)Aaronsohn.
Poulard Wheat, T. turgidum L.
Polish Wheat, T. polonicum L.
Persian Wheat, T. carthlicum Nevski.
Macha Wheat, T. aestivum subsp. macha (Dek. and Men.) MacKey
Vavilovi Wheat, T. aestivum subsp. vavilovi (Tuman)Sears.
Shot Wheat, T. aestivum subsp. sphacrococcum(Perc.) MacKey.
Oriental Wheat, T. turanicum jakubz.
Timopheevi Wheat, T. timopheevii (Zbuk.) Zbuk.
Einkorn, T. monococcum L.
Wild Einkorn, T. boeoticum Boiss.

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