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Xanthosoma spp.

Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott


Cocoyam, Abalong, Arvi, Barbados edoe, Chinese eddoe, Curcas, Dagmay, Dalo, Dasheen, Eddo, Eddoe, Keladi, Koko, Kolkas, Malangay, Malangu, Taioba, Tannia, Taro, Taro de Chine, Ya, Ya bene, Yautia, Yu-tao

We have information from several sources: Evaluation of Macabo Cocoyam Germplasm in Cameroon—O.U. Onokpise, J.G. Wutoh, X. Ndzana, J.T. Tambong, M.M. Meboka, A.E. Sama, A. Aguegia, S. Nzietchueng, J.G. Wilson, and M. Burns

Tropical Root and Tuber Crops—Stephen K. O'Hair

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Neglected Crops: 1492 from a Different Perspective—J.E. Hernándo Bermejo and J. León (eds.)

Magness, J.R., G.M. Markle, C.C. Compton. 1971. Food and feed crops of the United States.

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