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Zea mays L.


Bactrian typha, Barbary corn, ble de Turquie, Corn, Cornmeal, Cucurutz, Dent maize, Egyptian corn, Flint maize, Floury maize, Guinea corn, Indian corn, Indian meal, Kana, Maize, Mealies, Milbo, Popcorn, Roman corn, Sara chulpi, Sicilian corn, Spanish corn, Sweet corn, Syrian dourra, Turkie corne, Turkish wheat, Virginia wheat, Waxy maize, Welsch corn, Yellow maize

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Outside links: Sweet Corn production links

Kingcorn the Corn Growers' Guidebook

Purdue (Indiana) Extension Publications

Popcorn Production and Marketing

Baby Corn production from Washington State University

Baby Corna Pacific Northwest Extension Publication

Maize—Descriptors for Maize—Link to the publication on the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute web site

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