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Beefsteak fungus, Beef tongue, Black tree fungus, Brown-capped mushroom, Button mushroom, Cep, Cèpe, Champignon d'Paris, Chanterelle, Chinese black mushroom, Cloud-ear fungus, Common mushroom, Common white mushroom, Cremini mushroom, English mushroom, Enoki, Enokitake, Fairy-ring mushroom, False mousseron, Field mushroom, Forest mushroom, Girolle, Golden chanterelle, Honey mushroom, Italian brown mushroom, Japanese brown mushroom, Jew's-ear, Liver fistulina, Matsutake, Meadow mushroom, Morel, Mousseron, Mousseron d'automne, Oak tongue, Oyster mushroom, Paris mushroom, Pfifferling, Pinecone mushroom, Pink-bottom, Porcini, Portabello, Puffball, Rodman's mushroom, Roma, Shiitake, Steinpilz, Straw mushroom, Tree ear, Tree mushroom, Vegetable beefsteak, Vegetable meat, Wild mushroom, Winter mushroom, Wood ear

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