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Policy Papers

Policy Challenges in New Crop Development—Robert L. Myers

Policy Considerations in New Crops Development—Gary D. Jolliff

New Crops and the Search for New Food Resources—Jules Janick

Legal and Technological Measures to Prevent Farmers from Saving Seed and Breeding Their Own Plant Varieties—Hope Shand

Gene Protection Technologies: A Monsanto Background Statement

New-Crops R&D: Necessity for Increased Public Investment—Gary D. Jolliff

Diversifying U.S. Crop Production—Jules Janick, Melvin G. Blase, Duane L. Johnson, Gary D. Jolliff, and Robert L. Myers

Justification for a National New Crops Initiative—Peter Felker

The Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Center (AARC), U.S. Department of Agriculture—Robert Armstrong

New-Crop Development as Part of Sustainable Agriculture—Gary D. Jolliff

National New Crops Policy—John W. Conrad III

International New Crops Policy—J.T. Williams and N. Haq

International Conflicts in New Crops Policy—Cary Fowler

New Crops and the International Agricultural Research Centers—Robert B. Bertram

Strategic Planning for New-Crop Development—Gary D. Jolliff

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