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Origin Derived from a cross made in 1971 at the Cream Ridge Research and Development Center, Rutgers University. First selected in 1978 by E.B. Williams on the Clark Farm tract of the Purdue University Horticultural Research Farm, West Lafayette, Indiana and tested as CLR19T60.

Tree Standard, spreading growth habit, some bare-wooded, leggy branching. Branch diameter is narrower than average, and branching frequency is greater than desirable. Over-all, a less than desirable growth habit.

Bloom period Mid-season.

Productivity Moderate to heavy cropping with some biennial tendency if overcropped.

Harvest period September 12 to 18 at Lafayette, Indiana.

Fruit size 2-1/4 to 2-3/4 inches.

Fruit shape Round.

Skin Blushed, 75 to 90% medium to dark red to purple red over a light green ground color at harvest, developing a deep yellow ground color and somewhat orange cast after maturity; tender, moderate thickness.

Flesh Yellow; extremely crisp and breaking, yet somewhat melting flesh; medium to fine grained; juicy.

Flavor Moderately to mildly acid, rich, spicy, full flavored. Excellent for up to one month after harvest.

Storage Storage up to two months, after which the flavor substantially declines.

Disease reaction
Field immune. Rust Susceptible.
Mildew Susceptible.
Fire Blight Moderately susceptible.

Comments Exceptionally crisp, breaking flesh texture and excellent fresh fruit quality make this selection of interest as a specialty apple. Len than desirable growth habit, disease susceptibility, and small fruit size may preclude it from consideration for commercial use. Flavor and sugar content decline when heavily cropped.

J.A. Crosby, Jules Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, J. Goffreda, and A. Voordeckers. 1993. Co-op 32 to 38: Seven disease-resistant apple selections released for advanced testing. Purdue A.E.S. Sta. Bul. 658.

Co-op 33

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