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Origin Derived from a cross made in 1972 at the University of Illinois Horticultural Research Farm, Urbana, Illinois. First selected in 1980 by E.B. Williams on the Hinsley tract of the Purdue University Horticultural Research Farm, West Lafayette, Indiana and tested as HER4T20.

Tree Moderately vigorous, standard, round top tree; semi-spur type bearing habit.

Bloom period Late mid-season.

Productivity Moderate bearing with some biennial tendencies.

Harvest period October 10 to 20 at Lafayette, Indiana.

Fruit size 2-5/8 to 3 inches.

Fruit shape Short-conic to conic.

Skin Green-yellow at harvest, with a slight orange blush on the sun exposed surface of the fruit; maturing to yellow. Smooth, glossy finish with little russet and inconspicuous lenticels. Moderately thick, tender skin.

Flesh Pale yellow to cream colored, firm, very crisp and breaking yet melting, juicy, medium to fine grained flesh.

Flavor Moderately acid, rich, slightly aromatic, full flavored, and juicy.

Storage Retains quality and texture 4 to 5 months in refrigerated storage.

Disease reaction
Field immune.
Rust Susceptible.
Mildew Highly resistant.
Fire Blight Resistant.

Comments A 'Golden Delicious' seedling maturing a week after its parent with a full, rich flavor, crisp and breaking yet melting flesh type, and a good over-all level of disease resistance. Fruit size is smaller than 'Golden Delicious', but storage life is superior.

J.A. Crosby, Jules Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, J. Goffreda, and A. Voordeckers. 1993. Co-op 32 to 38: Seven disease-resistant apple selections released for advanced testing. Purdue A.E.S. Sta. Bul. 658.

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