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Co-op Release Description

Origin Derived from a cross made in 1972 at the University of Illinois Pomology Research Farm, Urbana, Illinois. First selected in 1980 by E.B. Williams on the Hinsley tract of the Purdue University Horticultural Research Farm, West Lafayette, Indiana and tested as HER4T16. Patent application is pending.

Tree Moderate vigor, slightly upright, spreading, sturdy wood, semi-spur type tree with very little blind wood. Highly desirable growth and bearing habit.

Bloom period Late season.

Productivity Initial observations indicate heavy production.

Harvest period October 20 to 30 at Lafayette, Indiana.

Fruit size 2.75 to 3.0 inches.

Fruit shape Ovate to short-conic, regular. Length to width ratio = 0.94.

Skin Green-yellow at harvest, deep Indian yellow to Saffron yellow at maturity. Can develop heavy red blush on sun exposed side of fruit. Smooth, non-waxy finish with very conspicuous, russeted, round to stellate, scattered lenticels. Tender, thin to medium thickness.

Flesh Pale yellow; medium coarse grained, very firm, very crisp and breaking. Quite firm at harvest and well suited to commercial handling.

Flavor Rich, spicy, and spritely acid at harvest, mellowing to moderately acid in storage. Complex, full, very good to excellent flavor which is best after 1-2 months of storage.

Storage Excellent flavor and exceptional texture retained for at least 7 months in refrigerated storage.

Disease reaction
Scab Field immune.
Rust Susceptible.

Mildew Highly resistant.

Fire Blight Moderately resistant.

Comments Co-op 38 is a long-term, winter storage apple with exceptional tart flavor and crispness after long-term storage. Although somewhat coarse in texture, the crispness, density, and storage quality of the fruit are outstanding.

J.A. Crosby, Jules Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, J. Goffreda, and A. Voordeckers. 1993. Co-op 32 to 38: Seven disease-resistant apple selections released for advanced testing. Purdue A.E.S. Sta. Bul. 658.


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