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Origin Derived from a cross made in 1972 at the University of Illinois, Pomology Research Farm, Urbana. First selected in 1979 by E.B. Williams at the Purdue University Horticultural Research Farm, West Lafayette, Indiana, and tested as HER3T176.

Tree Moderately vigorous, standard, spreading tree, bearing habit similar to 'Golden Delicious' some excess breaching will require thinning, tendency toward central leader. Branch angles 45 to 90 degrees.

Bloom period Midseason.

Productivity Highly productive; thinning will be required to eliminate over production and to reduce tendency for biennial bearing.

Harvest period September 28 to October 15 at Lafayette, Indiana same season as 'Golden Delicious'.

Fruit size 2-5/8 to 3 inches.

Fruit shape Round.

Skin Self yellow, very glossy, inconspicuous lenticels, attractive, moderate thick moderately brittle, moderately tough.

Flesh Straw-yellow, moderately coarse, very crisp breaking, mildly acid, slightly spicy, juicy to very juicy, good to very good.

Storage Retains firmness in storage for about 5 months but loses flavor as does 'Golden Delicious'; does not shrivel.

Disease reaction
Scab-Field immune
Mildew -Moderately resistant.
Fire blight-Moderately resistant.

Comments Quality best close to harvest, well regarded in Italy as an attractive alternative to 'Golden Delicious'; will be released in Europe as 'Primiera'.

J. Goffreda, A. Voordeckers, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, and Jules Janick. 1995. Co-op 39 to 44: Six disease-resistant apple selections released for advanced testing. New Jersey A.E.S. of Rutgers Univ. Res. Rpt. R-12001-2-95.

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