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Co-op Release Description

Origin Derived from a cross made in 1970 at the University of Illinois, Pomology Research Farm, Urbana. First selected in 1977 by D.F. Dayton at the University of Illinois and tested as PAR14T238.

Tree Moderately vigorous, spreading, sturdy wood, heavy semi-spur type, with very little blind wood. Desirable growth and bearing habit

Bloom period Early season.

Productivity Heavy production, crops annually.

Harvest period October 5 to 20 at Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

Fruit size 2.5 to 3.0 inches.

Fruit shape Round-oblate.

Skin 60-90% striped light to medium red on yellow-green at harvest, yellow ground color at maturity. Finish smooth and waxy. Moderate thickness.

Flesh White to light straw, crisp, breaking, very fine textured and juicy.

Flavor Sub-acid to mild.

Storage Maintains firmness and crisp texture in refrigerated storage for over 1 year. Flavor becomes bland after 9 months in storage and will develop off flavors after 1 year.

Disease reaction
Scab-Field immune
Rust-Leaves moderately susceptible; fruit resistant.
Mildew-None observed in New Jersey or Illinois
Fire blight-None observed in New Jersey or Illinois

Comments Cold storage may temporarily 'turn off' the ability for the fruit to produce ethylene upon warming. Ripening characteristics of Co-op 43 are not consistent with the above pedigree and this selection may be the result of outcrossing.

J. Goffreda, A. Voordeckers, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, and Jules Janick. 1995. Co-op 39 to 44: Six disease-resistant apple selections released for advanced testing. New Jersey A.E.S. of Rutgers Univ. Res. Rpt. R-12001-2-95.


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